• 1979 - Started to reuse the vinyl wastage of green houses as the material for Vinyl Floor Covering Products
  • 1983 - Launched the first Japanese Carpet Tile product with PVC backing for easy installation
  • 1985 - Started the maintenance facility for carpet tiles "TOLI Off-Location System" in Atsugi
  • 1998 - Launched the wallpaper "KENAF WALL", the first wallpaper product in the world that uses non-exhaustible resource 'Kenaf'
    • Launched the eco-friendly curtain products made of recycled fiber from PET bottles
  • 2000 - Announced "TOLI ECO SPIRIT" as the company's commitment to Environmental Protection resource 'Kenaf'
    • Started to operate the Recycling plant of carpet tiles in Shiga
  • 2003 - Launched the wallpaper made of diatomaceous earth "EARTHWALL", which has odour eliminating and resolving properties
  • 2004 - Started to Recycle the curtain products
  • 2006 - Started to indicate the authorized logo of Interior-fabrics Performance Evaluation Conference for Green Purchasing Law-compliant Carpet Tile products
    • Started to indicate the authorized logo of Interior Floor Industrial Association for Green Purchasing Law-compliant Vinyl Floor Covering products
  • 2008 Announced "TOLI ECO SPIRIT 2008" with the guidelines updated
  • 2011: Obtained CRI Green Label Plus Certification for all the 100% Nylon Carpet Tile Products – Pre & Post dyed Yarns d
  • 2015: ISO 14001 Certified for Factory, Announced ‘TOLI ECO Spirit 2015’ with the guidelines updated

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